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**Fire Danger**

The grasslands are currently under extremely dry conditions on the Eastern Plains. Please be aware where you’re parking!

Tall grass and a hot muffler can start a fire under these conditions so park on the dirt roads whenever possible.

If this isn’t feasible or will inconvenience other drivers try to park on a bare spot or at least over very short grass.  There have been numerous fires in the area over the last few weeks, one yesterday was only 8 miles from CPER HQ, so please be careful.

Prescribed burns are one thing, respect the fire danger and don’t start a wild fire!

Check out our new features!

Hello Friends!

Our website has some new features we’d like you to check out.

**UPDATE Mar 17th, 2016: Our Calendar is BUG FREE!**

First, we are now accepting all reservations through our our request form. The form may appear a bit daunting, so we’d like to THANK YOU in advance for taking the time to send us all of that important information!

Second, we’ve added a general inquiries form . This is perfect for those instances when you’re not quite sure who to direct your questions to, just fill it out and we’ll make sure it arrives in the right hands.

Finally, since the facility only occupies a small portion of the C.P.E.R. our visitors need to be aware if your visit takes you off the of the SGRC property USDA-ARS requires visitors to apply for a revocable permit all of those details can be found here.



Keep your eye out for the Sandhill Cranes this fall.


HWY-85 Construction

Just a heads up HWY-85 is broken down to an asphalt/gravel mix and a single lane. Last week the single lane began just South of our facilities. This highway construction expected completion is 2016.

2015 ~ The year of the Plains Greenthread.


Every so often, it appears as though Annuals bloom like wildfire and –BOOM– the prairie turns into fields of flowers.

This happens to be one of those years.

Plains Greenthread (Thelesperma filifolium) has blanketed the C.P.E.R., what a beautiful site to see.


**Lark Bunting and NEON Tower** Photo credit: E.Denton-CSU


2015_thfi_neon**Neon Tower** photo credit: E. Denton – CSU


IMG_4235**CR114 – C.P.E.R**


~ Enjoy a tour of the site facility ~

Interested in more? Ask about our guided tours!